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Trailblazer Rep Program Offerings

The Collingwood Trailblazers Basketball Club thanks you for your interest in our Rep program offerings. Tryouts for our Rep teams run each year during the 2nd and 3rd week in September. Each team is allocated 2 tryout sessions in either the 2nd or the 3rd week of September.

NOTE: Please see our club calendar, posted and updated regularly, on our website (below) for age group try out information.

Where do we compete?

The Collingwood Trailblazers Rep teams compete across Ontario in a combination of the following events:

Sanctioned tournaments

Ontario Basketball League games

Exhibition contests against other Basketball Ontario affiliated Rep teams from various communities across Ontario

Ontario Cup Provincial Championships games

Our not-for-profit grassroots basketball organization is proud to have our Rep teams coached by an outstanding group of highly trained and certified volunteer basketball coaches from a variety of communities comprising South Georgian Bay. Trailblazer Rep teams may compete in AAA, AA, and A level sanctioned competition across the following divisions of play:

NOVICE U10 (2010/2011)

ATOM U12 (2008/2009)

BANTAM U14 (2006/2007)

MIDGET U16 (2004/2005)

JUVENILE U17 (2003)

JUNIOR U19 (<2001)

Our Trailblazer Rep program coaches provide a fun, safe, and welcoming team environment. Upon this foundation, they provide focused and high level instruction designed to develop our young athletes’ game appreciation, tactical awareness, skill developmentand healthy competitive behaviours.

A Trailblazer athlete’s commitment to his/her Rep team

The Collingwood Trailblazers Rep teams are comprised of local and area young athletes who are committed to learning and developing their basketball skills, understandings of transferable sport specific strategies, and healthy competitive behaviours–all of which serve them well within provincial basketball competitions and beyond.

As a member of a Trailblazer Rep team, players and their parents are asked to consider the level of commitment required. A successful Trailblazer Rep team is one where coaches, parents, and players recognize and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of commitment to team activities-regular and consistent participation is necessary for practices and game opportunities across the entirety of the season of play.  Given the commitment required, it can be very difficult for some of our young athletes to play competitive basketball and another competitive sport in the winter season. That said, we do have many who successfully manage to balance their competing commitments.

A Trailblazer parent’s commitment to his/her child’s Rep team

All of our Collingwood Trailblazer Rep teams are operated by volunteers (Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Managers).  At some point during the season, these folks will need parental/guardian support.  A team’s volunteer manager will be the point person making requests of parents’/guardians’ time and goodwill when necessary.  The club thanks all affiliated parents and guardians for their ongoing support of our program and team offerings.

NOTE: Each of our teams will hold a meeting with parents in early October outlining practice schedules, exhibition, tournament, league, and provincial championship commitments.

What does a typical schedule look like?


Two 1.5 hour practices scheduled each week (no practices over Christmas or March Breaks)

NOTE: Changes may be made in the season due to a variety of factors. All changes will be shared with parents and the community via our club calendar on the website.  Rep team managers and coaches will also communicate team schedule changes giving plenty of notice.

Exhibition Games

Trailblazer Rep teams will participate in up to six exhibition games here in Collingwood or at various venues across Ontario (local/area games may occur on weekdays; farther destinations on agreed upon weekend dates).

Sanctioned Tournaments

For teams choosing to pursue the sanctioned tournament route, the club covers the costs and payment associated with participation in up to 4 sanctioned tournaments.  Participation in additional tournaments will be covered by a team’s fundraising efforts.

Ontario Basketball League

Some of our teams will choose, as an alternative to the sanctioned tournament route, to participate in Basketball Ontario’s Ontario Basketball League.  Rep teams going this route will participate in 5-6 competitive weekends over the course of the season (typically 2 games/weekend). These teams will also have the opportunity to register in one sanctioned tournament.

Ontario Cup

Collingwood Trailblazers Rep teams will typically conclude their seasons of play by representing our community at the Ontario Cup Provincial Championships. The 2020 Provincial Championship dates are released in mid-September and can be found on the Basketball Ontario webpage you see below:

Typical Length of Season

Age groups Tryouts Official Start of Season End of Season
Novice (U10) 3rd week in September Last week in September End of March/Early April
Atom (U11) or (U11/U12) 3rd week in September Last week in September End of March/Early April
Bantam (U13) or U13/U14) 2nd week in September Last week in September Mid-April
Midget (U15) or (U15/U16) 2nd week in September Girls: After HS Season
Boys: After HS season
Girls: End of April
Boys: Mid-May
Juvenile (U17) 2nd week in September Girls: After HS Season
Boys: After HS season
Girls: Early May
Boys: End of May

Costs Associated with Participation:

The following is included in the $625 base Trailblazer Rep team player fee:

Basketball Ontario registration

Player/space insurance

Gym space rentals

Club capital  expenses

Facility agreement expenses

Referee and exhibition game fees

Minor officiating game fees

Approximately 2 weekly (1.5 hours) practices during seasons

Payment for participation in 4 sanctioned tournaments OR the Ontario Basketball League and 1 tournament

Provincial championship team costs and registration

First Aid kit & supplies

Team equipment (ball bags, cones, team equipment/resources)

Ongoing training and certification for our team coaches

Club overhead expenses

The following is not included in the $625 base Trailblazer Rep team player fee:

Uniform purchase

Purchase of a Wilson Evolution indoor leather ball (can be purchased from the Club at the uniform purchase evenning on September 26th, 2019 at PRA)

Travel expenses and accommodations for out-of-town games and tournaments

We are the Collingwood Trailblazers Basketball Club—a, not-for-profit grass roots organization run entirely by volunteers.  We will continue to strive to share our passion for and love of basketball with children and youth from our local South Georgian Bay communities. We thank you for your interest in our Rep program offerings.

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